Interview met ‘ruimtelandbouwer’ Wieger Wamelink

Bertina heeft veel interesse in de planeet Mars, wat resulteerde in haar Marsthriller ‘De rode magneet’. Ze ontmoette ook ‘ruimtelandbouwer’ Wieger Wamelink, die net als zij een passie voor Mars heeft. Bertina interviewde Wieger over zijn project Food for Mars & Moon.

Veggies for Mars: meet the Dutch Mark Watney
When you have seen the movie ‘The Martian’, you know that astronaut Mark Watney was left behind on Mars and had to survive on his own. Fortunately, there was already a habitat. But soon one of his main concerns became food. As the mission’s botanist Watney knew a lot about growing vegetables, so he tried growing potatoes. He found bags with faeces and urine from former crews and used the content to fertilize the Martian soil. If you think this is all fiction, you are wrong. At the Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands exobiologist/ecologist Wieger Wamelink is doing the exact same thing: he grows vegetables on ‘Martian’ soil, using urine as fertilizer. Read interview